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I signed up for a free trial to try this product when my hair was falling out after pregnancy.The website looked official and I called the number to verify that it was legit.

I heard an American recording regarding the product so I felt comfortable trying it out. Less than a week later, I received my 1.7 fl oz. bottle of what looked, smelled, and felt like vegetable oil so I knew right then that I would never purchase this item down the road.

When I signed up for the free trial, no where did it say I would be placed on their automated list to receive this bottle monthly.

Another 1.7 fl oz. bottle was sent to my house a month later and so I looked at my credit card statement. Sure enough, $79.99 was charge to my card. I called and stated that I wanted to be taken off their list and I wanted to return the product to get my full refund which was stated on their website.

Although the recording was an American woman speaking ititially, when you are transferred to a representative it sounds like the person is at home with their children running around and there is a definite language barrier. I asked the man to take me off the list and he offered 35% off the item if I kept it. When I told me no, he offered 50% off. Again when I told him no, he said that he would send me a confirmation email stating that I was taken off the list along with the address where I could send the product back to receive my full refund.

The next day when I did not receive the email I called back and spoke to a woman who also sounded like she was working from home and she was difficult to understand. She made the same offers to me and I said, "Please stop reading your script and send me the confirmation email so I can send the product back." I even had her read my email address back to me to make sure that they had the right one on file. Day after day, I waited for this email that never came. I checked the website to send them an email myself only to find out that they did not have an email address.

They clearly do not want to leave a paper trail. After speaking with 6 Marula Silk representatives (all with accents, but very American names: Julia, Therese, Paul, Mike) I called my credit card company to dispute the transaction and she asked if I wanted both charges of $79.99 to be taken off. I did not realize that they had charged me twice since I had only received one additional bottle. She stated that she has received several calls regarding this company and this was not the first time that they had scammed someone.

She called the Marula Silk company with me and they finally gave an address where I could return the bottle.

My credit card representative asked the Marula Silk rep, "Just to clarify, you charged the consumer twice for the same bottle?" The Marula Silk 'employee' paused and then responded, "Yes, ma'am." She finally gave us the cancelled confirmation # and address that I needed to return the item.I am still waiting for my transactions to be voided, but I wanted to get this information out before another person got scammed.

Lschnabs14 wrote the review because of problems with payment at Marula Silk and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Marula Silk to read this review and look into the issue (if any).

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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same thing happened to me! What phone number did you call?

to Anonymous #1175662




same thing happened to me.i ignored the first charge and took it as my fault because maybe it said somewhere that i would have to pay full price for the bottle within so many days.

i have not recieved another one and the second charge went in today.

i am calling my bank soon and we will call them together.thanks for this review so i know exactly how to handle this most effectively



So did you get it cancelled?I didn't know when I got the trial size that it would put me automatically on.

I'm afraid to call because I don't want to be in the same mess you are.So how do I cancel it???

to Anonymous #1112595

By omitting that small tid bit of information on their website that you are suppose to cancel after the free trial is how they get you.Unfortunately, you have to call them and be directed to a Marula Silk representative to cancel as far as I know.

They are difficult to understand, but I think you can understand enough to tell them that you want to be taken off their automated list. Just be aware that they are going to try and talk you into continuing and will offer you 35% and then 50% off the product. Be stern and make sure you get the cancelled confirmation # directly because even though they will tell you that you will receive an email with that information, it's false. I don't even think they have an email account.

I would also double check your credit card statement to make sure they did not make a transaction without your knowledge.

I returned the product, but it is currently in transit so my issue is not resolved yet since they have not received it.Good luck!

to Lschnabs14 #1175323

The same thing happened to me and I haven't even received it and they already charged me and I'm trying to get the number I don't have the number can you please give me the numbe

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